We had summit meeting on 7th floor in Nepalaya Restaurant in Thamel – Kathmandu with Robert 9N7AA (S53R).

3 thoughts on “Summit”

  1. Hi Janusz!

    This is Setsu Yoshimura, JL1UXH.

    Thanks for the new one on 6m with 9N7WE.

    I have found that 9N7WE Log search is something wrong…
    It should be my first QSO, but I am on the log on many bands!
    May be you have uploaded wrong log?

    Thanks 73.

    PS. I wish you operated 160m FT8 from 9N land.

    1. Yes, by mistake I uploaded PJ5/SP9FIH log. I will fix it when back home. In winter month please look for Robert 9N7AA on 160m

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