SWL report

9N7CI was heard on CW by SWL 13562 NL on such loop antenna

6 thoughts on “SWL report”

  1. Many thanks for the 30m FT8 contact – a new slot for me.
    I have requested the QSL via OQRS, but I only need LoTW confirmation.

  2. Interesting fact, working 9N7CI is far better than 9N7WE. For some reason, it may be a coincidence or not, despite of the 9N7WE strong signs I was never be able to be copied or heard by 9N7WE anytime and I called several hours without success.
    9N7CI was a little better 2 xcw qsos and 2x ft8 contacts, I called also several hours but it was at least a good response.
    Hope you enjoy Nepal, stay safe and thanks

      1. It might be, dont know for sure but, I just worked 9N7CI on cw 15m band. Nice signals last two dys in Rio gave me good chances to go through EU wall, hihihihih.
        Best of luck.

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